Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Letsfeelgreat; online dating success

At LetsFeelGreat we specialise in finding that unique match between two people. Catering for single men and women of all preferences we offer matchmaking services that are both serious and fun! Our system has been designed to understand you and exactly who it is you are looking for. We will be there to help you every step of the way from match to meet!

The nine steps to finding your one in a million...

  • 1. Create Your Profile

    Its quick, simple and Free to create your LetsFeelGreat online dating profile. We've gone to a lot of effort to make sure you're not presented with any of those awkward 'Write something about yourself' boxes that internet dating sites are famous for and instead made the whole process quick and easy.
  • 2. Professional Photo*

    First impressions count! Your profile picture will be the first thing your 'match' sees when they look at your profile. So why not use our LetsFeelGorgeous voucher to 'Snap' the price of a professional photo shoot in half? The voucher offers an image consultation, photo shoot and post-shoot enhancement for just £20. This offers great value in comparison to independent photo consultations which can cost in excess of £35. Online dating has never looked so good!
  • 3. Matched with Members

    Not everyone is compatible, but did you know there's a science behind it? Decades of psychological research had revealed a pattern to couples who form lasting relationships. Using the findings of that research, along with the preferences you specify, our matchmaking system will use your online dating profile introduce you to matches your most likely to connect with.
  • 4. Review Your Matches

    Our online dating service will alert you when when a compatible Match joins LetsFeelGreat. You can then log-in to view your match's profile and picture for Free! Once you have reviewed your match you can then decided whether to make the first move or if they're just not your cup of tea.
  • 5. Show You're Interested

    Use our First Move system to tell a match you're interested in them! Select a First Move and your message will be sent to your match highlighting your interest, telling them that you would like to chat a little more. Your match will have the option to reply by sending back a First Move to you.
  • 6. Get to Know Each Other

    Now you have exchanged First Moves and indicated your interest, it's time to begin getting to know your match. The Pre-set Questions communication stage is designed to help conversation between you and your match develop and flow naturally without any of those awkward 'what do I say' moments.

    There will be dating tips and advice on hand to help you gain success from communication with your matches and you will have access to regular dating articles written about current dating issues and trends, offering valuable communication advice.

    Once you're getting on like a house on fire and conversation is following, it's time to move on to Open Messaging.
  • 7. Arrange To Meet Safely

    You have exchanged First Moves, swapped Preset Messages and chatted continuously over Open Messaging. Now it's time to take online matchmaking offline and meet your match! Using our LetsFeelSAFE system you can feel relaxed and care free about arranging meetings with your matches.
  • 8. Save Using Our Partners*

    Dating need no longer cost the earth! We have partnerships in place with companies to help with the cost of dating. From a discount to cut the cost of your new hair do to ten percent of the cost of your meal for two, check our member vouchers for a full list of our latest promotions.
  • 9. Give Feedback on the Date

    Once you've been on the date it's time to share your thoughts on how it was for you. If you had the time of your life let your date know! If you feel their company left a bit to be desired our feedback system allows for a polite excuse of further dates.

(*Refers to LetsFeelGreat online dating discount vouchers supported by our partner network)

  • "...I love being guided though getting to know my matches, the conversation never goes stale..."
  • "...registration was so quick and easy, I thought it would take a lot longer than it did..."
  • "...finally a dating site that doesn't bombard me with e-mails all the time!"
  • "...it was great not having to try and describe myself. The registration took care of everything."
  • "...the photo voucher is such a great idea and a great photo has really helped get me noticed..."
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