Sunday 21 January 2018
“Online dating is a necessity in modern society.”
Gone is the Stigma of Online Dating

Did you know that Charlie Sheen, Joan Rivers and Halle Berry have all used online dating web sites?

The stigma associated with online dating has become a thing of the past in recent years. With the widespread adoption of the internet, society had changed at an incredible pace.

More people are using the internet than ever before and it's very quickly lost it 'geeky' image and fast become a cool thing to be involved with. Going online to make purchases or buy insurance is a very commonplace these days.

When you're out for the evening and see someone you like, you have no idea if they're single let alone if you have anything in common. Through online dating the first question is answered immediately and the second can be found out with very little risk of embarrassment.

Even if you don't want to be forthcoming about how you actually met, we have the answer. Just think of us as your match making friends and reply as such; “We were introduced by match making friends.”

At the least you'll make great new friends, at best you'll fall in love. So you really have nothing to lose!

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